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print-exchange brings seller and potential buyer together

There are projects that require a high degree of know-how, professionalism and confidentiality. Company succession, the sale of a company or even an investment in a company are among such projects. After all, it is not a matter of trivialities, but of values, assets and employees that have been built up over decades. With print-eXchange, the Hamburg-based management consultancy, Knox, has now launched an online portal that specifically aims to bring together sellers of companies in the printing industry and suitable potential buyers.

The focus of print-eXchange is not only on the domestic market, as the portal will soon also be available in English. In this respect, advertisers are to benefit from an international reach and cross-border transactions are to be made possible.

The operating principle is kept simple: Anyone wishing to sell all or part of their company, i.e. shareholdings, can place an advertisement on print-eXchange while retaining their anonymity and, if required, also receive help with the right wording. Depending upon the level of support and advice, the term and the desired reach, a choice can be made between three different price models.

In addition to a security and quality check of the self-formulated advertisement and e-mail feedback before placement, the basic package includes a term of 6 months. The ad appears on both the German and English websites of print-eXchange.

The Pro package also provides for an advertisement but includes detailed telephone/team consultation by Knox specialists, personal feedback prior to placement, a professional translation and a term of 12 months. In addition, the advertisement can also be released via other suitable channels and networks if desired.

Anyone who wants to place several advertisements, in addition to the Pro package, places value on personal consultation even on site, and is also interested in an analysis of the potential by industry specialists or a company evaluation by Knox, is best advised to choose the Premium package.

However, no matter what interested entrepreneurs decide, one thing all three packages have in common is that print-eXchange takes care of obtaining confidentiality declarations from interested parties and forwards any expressions of interest to the advertiser by e-mail.

The new portal, print-eXchange, thus plays a key role in bringing together sellers and potential buyers, capital seekers and investors, and supply and demand in a confidential environment within the printing industry. After all, it is essential in buying and selling processes to find the right partner or partners and to be well advised in the process.

However, print-eXchange is not only aimed at entrepreneurs who want to sell their companies, but also at investors and capital providers who are thinking about investing in a company in the printing industry. They too can publish their interest on the website.

As an added bonus, partners include the Print and Media Association North-East (Verband Druck und Medien NordOst) and zipcon consulting. So if your company is a member of the IOP or VDMNO, you can save on advertising costs.

And another tip: If you want to know more about selling a company in the printing industry, you can dial into a free Print Academy webinar with Jens Freyler, Managing Director of Knox GmbH, on 21 October at 3 p.m. or 11 November at 4 p.m.