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Packaging printers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Manufacturer of package inserts, labels and folding Cartons for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry in Germany and beyond wanted

1.000.000 - 15.000.000
Labels, Folding boxes, Leaflets
Target Market:
Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals
Majority (>50%), Substantial Minority (>25%/<50%)


As a medium-sized printing and publishing group, we have successfully established a focus on the production of packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries over the past decades, which we intend to further develop both in Germany and more strongly in Europe.

To this end, we are looking for companies in Germany and Europe whose activities focus on the production of packaging, labels and package inserts for the relevant target industries and in which a significant shareholding (at least 25.1%, preferably also majority interests or complete takeovers) is possible for growth or takeover reasons.