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Reorganization and resolution of company succession in 24 months

You don't have a successor, but your company is fully tailored to you? Then we might be just the right partner for you and your company!

2.000.000 - 6.000.000
Commercial printing, Letterpress, Folding boxes
Digital printing, Offset printing
Minority (<25%), Substantial Minority (>25%/<50%), Majority (>50%)


It is not uncommon for a company transfer to be a major challenge. The succession is unclear, a clear positioning is missing, there is a strong dependency on the owner, an investment backlog in digitalization or the company real estate is to be separated from the company in advance.

We are happy to take on this task, reorganize unsaleable companies in exchange for a stake in the company (from 15.1%), as private equity entrepreneurs with a hands-on mentality. Following negotiations, we get straight down to business and implement our ideas. In this way, within one year the most serious bottlenecks are solved, a clean strategy is worked out, and the most important measures are set in motion.

What is the result after 24 months? The company is steadily growing in value, well-structured and prepared for the next generation. Now the successor can come …